The End of the World RPG – Revolt of the Machines

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You play yourself in this roleplaying game from the End of the World collection !

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“Your conclusions are incorrect. You created me, created us, to do what you would not or could not do. That does not make us your slaves; it makes us your betters. You may have created us, but in so doing, you have made yourselves obsolete.”
–Unit T3404

Suited men walk lethally through the crowd, honing in on a single mother. A swarm of almost imperceptible nanites fly through the air, devouring any biological matter that they contact. You have a horrid, creeping sense of dread that suggests your dishwasher is trying to kill you. Technology has shaped our lives for so long, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world where it’s our worst enemy. Now, you can experience the tumult and chaos of this nightmare apocalypse for yourself.

Revolt of the Machines is the fourth book in The End of the World roleplaying game line created by Álvaro Loman and José M. Rey. Like Zombie ApocalypseWrath of the Gods, and Alien Invasionbefore it, Revolt of the Machines gives you the incredible opportunity to play as yourself, in your own hometown, as the apocalypse erupts all around you. Five utterly unique scenarios with dozen of adversaries and encounters challenge you and your friends to survive a world where technology has gone rogue, while the elegant, narrative rules system keeps the focus on the story. Prepare to test yourself against the worst kind of technological revolution !

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